SEO Case Study : Sharing Forum Signature Backlink

I have 1 website with many keywords on the first page of Google. One of backlinks indexed is in one of backlinks forum signature. The second website is a website belonging to a friend of mine, with good intentions I intend to help by sharing forum signature backlink that I have.

After 1-2 days the circumstances are not good for first website. The main keywords down at page 4 - 10. As for the second website belongs to my friend, rising dramatically to page 4. It seems that when divided backlinks indexed then the ranking will also be shared. That is the basis of Google's algorithm. Imagine the website a lot of spam :) it will be useless to your backlinks there, because it will continue to split with the crowded backlinks.

What I do after this tragedy:

  1. I delete the second website backlinks from my forum signature profile.
  2. Create a new profile forum to create new backlinks to the website. And this will take some time until backlinks indexed by Google.
  3. Explain to my friend that will take some time until the second website will be indexed by Google.


Google will penalized website with spam backlinks. This algorithm seems to hit this case. Hundreds of my backlinks signature divided in a seconds, google reaction surprising me. Do not share your forum signature backlinks if they are already indexed or you will ruin your or somebody else's life.